Being a full service wash company built for the food transportation supply chain, JLE offers an all-inclusive, turn-key wash solution for Distribution Centers and Fleets

Wash Equipment
Yard Spotters
Trained Employees

Wash equipment

Gantry style wash system for trailer exteriors
Handheld pressure washer wands for tractors, trailer interiors, and detail work on the trailers
Hot water heaters and water softeners
Food safe chemicals for washing the equipment and brightening aluminum
Chemical mixing systems
High efficient drive motors and pumps to power the system

Yard spotters

JLE owned, operated, and maintained yard spotter moves trailers to and from wash bay
Wash crew records and tracks wash cycle
Wash frequency designed to keep fleet FSMA compliant
JLE maintains throughput and frees up yard hostlers to do primary tasks

Trained employees

JLE teams gather debris and clean wash bay at the end of each shift
Debris dispose of in a trash receptacle
JLE employees perform maintenance on wash equipment to ensure uptime
If automated system is out of service, JLE employees can wash by hand, avoiding work interruptions
Monitor pH of discharge water forcompliance with local, city, and state regulations

Ancillary Services

Reefer Fueling Services
Fuel Island Washing
Steam Cleaning (For Special Circumstances)
Banana Room Cleaning