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JLE Private Label Truck Wash

Discover how the JLE Private Label Truck Wash program adds value to your company

Our solution offers way more than just clean


Improved efficiency and accountability

Our professional fleet cleaning service has the experience and expertise to clean your vehicles and resources so you can focus on your core business


No CapEx, reduced OpEx

JLE specializes in setting up and operating private truck washes for distribution centers. We provide professional wash crews that know our equipment


Enhanced brand image

Show that you care about your employees, your customers, and the environment. How your trucks and trailers look matters


Environmental regulation and reduced carbon footprint

JLE helps ensure environmental compliance. Achieve improved compliance, safety, and sustainability


Risk reduction

Not having a problem is our preferred plan. We help businesses reduce risk by taking on responsibilities


Turn costs into revenue

Explore the opportunity to subsidize your wash costs. For some customers, we can jointly explore a revenue share model

Transportation Manager

The best part about JLE is I never have to think or hear about them except during contract renewal. More vendors should put their heads down and let the work do the talking. I would recommend them to any DC.

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