No CapEx,
Reduced OpEx

No CapEx. JLE specializes in setting up and operating private truck washes for distribution centers

We provide the wash equipment, chemical distribution systems, and JLE owned yard spotter

Wash Equipment 


Gantry style wash system for trailer exterior


Handheld pressure washer wands for tractors, trailer interiors, and detail work on the trailers


High-efficiency drive motors and pumps to power the system


Chemical mixing systems


Food-safe chemicals for washing the equipment and brightening aluminum


Hot water heaters and water softener

JLE Yard Spotters


JLE owned, operated, and maintained yard spotter moves trailers to and from wash bay

Reduced OpEx. We provide professional wash crews that know our equipment

Our trained staff repair, maintain, and operate all wash equipment, chemical distribution systems, and yard spotters

Trained Employees

JLE provides the salaries, benefits, and training for in-house cleaning staff

Washes client’s entire fleet of trailers at desired frequency

Identifies and performs special washes to clean rotten food and spills

Proactively fill gaps to minimize salvage backup (i.e., disposing of pallets, plastics, other debris, etc.)

JLE actively manages the wash bays
— Installs, repairs, maintains all wash equipment & chemicals

— Provides yard spotters to pick-up/drop-off equipment

JLE teams gather debris and clean wash bay at the end of each shift

Debris disposed of in a trash receptacle

JLE employees performs regular maintenance on wash equipment to ensure uptime

If automated system is out of service, JLE employees can wash by hand to avoid work interruptions

Lower consumables prices
— JLE is able to pass along chemical cost savings from our volume purchasing power
— DC's utility bills will decrease (water, sewer & electricity savings)

Senior Director of Transportation

Their [JLE’s] fleet cleaning business model is unique. I like the fact that they paid the startup capex, and then it’s pretty much full service. JLE provided their own yard spotter and picks up the dirty equipment and stages it clean for our guys. Very convenient.

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