Transforming Fleet Maintenance:
No CapEx, Reduced OpEx

At JLE, we specialize in streamlining fleet maintenance operations by offering solutions that require no upfront capital expenditure (CapEx) and significantly reduce operational expenses (OpEx). Our tailored truck wash process ensures maximum efficiency and cost-effectiveness for your business.

Setting Up Private Truck Washes

We excel in operating private truck washes specifically designed for distribution centers. From providing the necessary wash equipment and chemicals to managing the employees required for the job, we provide (and take care of) everything so that you can focus on your core operations.

Wash Equipment 

Our cutting-edge wash equipment includes:


Gantry style wash system for thorough trailer exterior cleaning


Handheld pressure washer wands for precise cleaning of tractors, trailer interiors, and detailed work


High-efficiency drive motors and pumps for optimal performance


Chemical mixing systems for precise formulation


Food-safe chemicals to ensure equipment cleanliness and aluminum brightness


Hot water heaters and water softeners for enhanced cleaning power

JLE-Owned Yard Spotters


We can bring our JLE-owned yard goats to efficiently move trailers to and from wash bays and ensure minimal downtime and the smoothest operations. Your yard hostlers can focus on their loading operations without worrying about the wash bay.

Reduced OpEx

JLE significantly reduces operational expenses by providing:

Professional wash crews trained in operating and maintaining our equipment

Full repair, maintenance, and operation of all wash equipment, chemical distribution systems, and yard spotters by our expert staff

Trained Employees

JLE invests in our employees, with competitive salaries, benefits, and comprehensive training for in-house cleaning staff, allowing them to deliver:

Regular fleet washing at desired frequencies to maintain cleanliness standards

Specialized washes to address specific needs, such as cleaning rotten food and spills

Proactive measures to minimize salvage backup by disposing of debris like pallets and plastics

Managed Wash Bays

At JLE, we actively manage wash bays by:

Installing, repairing, and maintaining all wash equipment and chemicals

Providing yard spotters for equipment pick-up and drop-off

Ensuring cleanliness and efficiency by gathering debris and cleaning wash bays at the end of each shift

Conducting regular maintenance on wash equipment to prevent downtime

Lower Consumable Prices

Our extensive purchasing power enables us to offer:

Cost-effective chemical solutions passed on from volume purchasing savings

Decreased utility bills for distribution centers, including water, sewer, and electricity savings


Their [JLE’s] fleet cleaning business model is unique. I like the fact that they paid the startup capex, and then it’s pretty much full service. JLE provided their own yard spotter and picks up the dirty equipment and stages it clean for our guys. Very convenient.

Senior Director of Transportation

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