Environmental regulation and reduced carbon footprint

Improved compliance, safety, and sustainability


JLE complies with the USDA Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) standards, so trailers are washed on a consistent basis. Trailer washing is tracked, and records are available for audits for FSMA compliance


We manage the responsibility for chemical inventory and keep your facility in compliance with local, state, and federal environmental rules and regulations. This frees you from having to maintain a hazard communication program for wash chemicals, and a driver safety training for chemical exposure


We use food-safe chemicals in the wash process which are effective for cleaning your fleet


Operations comply with local, city, and state regulations with regular pH monitoring and/or wastewater tests


JLE’s onsite team minimizes water usage to reduce discharge fees


We only wash in the designated wash bay to avoid any contamination in storm drains

JLE delivers essential services that provide a broad positive impact for our clients

Sr. Supply Chain Manager

Our internal audit scores for cleanliness moved up dramatically when I switched from a mobile wash company to JLE’s private label truck wash service. Their process is more reliable and consistent.

Risk reduction

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