Improved Efficency and Accountability with JLE Truck Wash: Expert Fleet Washing Services

Leave it to Us: Enhance Efficiency, Focus on Core Business, and Ensure Impeccable Cleanliness

Are you looking to gain a competitive edge while remaining laser-focused on your core business operations? At JLE, our full-service fleet cleaning service is designed to save you time, resources, and headaches, allowing you to concentrate on what matters most.


Experience and Expertise

With 40 years of experience, the JLE Truckwash team are experts in cleaning your vehicles quickly and efficiently compared to a self-managed or mobile wash program. From tractor exteriors to trailer interiors and exteriors, we've got you covered.


Effortless Equipment Movement

Say goodbye to the hassle of running equipment through your wash bay. At JLE, we can handle all equipment movements seamlessly, providing our own yard spotter and ensuring uninterrupted wash service.


Streamlined Vendor Management

As a single entity, JLE Truckwash simplifies vendor management and enhances accountability, giving you peace of mind knowing that your fleet cleaning needs are in the most capable hands.


Maximized Productivity

Our procedure-driven process minimizes fleet downtime, boosting productivity for drivers, maintenance staff, and management alike.


Trailer cleaning was a constant problem on our operations call before we decided to try partnering with JLE 7 years ago. I have never had it come up since. If we have any concerns JLE promptly addresses them.

Director of Transportation

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