Improved efficiency and accountability

Increase your competitive advantage


Focus on your core business

Our professional fleet cleaning service has the experience and expertise to clean your vehicles quickly and efficiently. This can free up your time and resources so you can focus on your core business


We organize all trailer movements

We provide our own yard spotter and are insured to perform all trailer moves through the wash bay reducing hours of service for your drivers


JLE assumes responsibility for washing tractor exteriors and trailer interiors/exteriors

We ensure uninterrupted wash service and immediate resolutions to wash equipment and system repair


Being a single entity offers our clients streamlined vendor management and accountability

Our procedure driven process results in less downtime which offers better productivity for drivers, maintenance, and management

Director of Transportation

Trailer cleaning was a constant problem on our operations call before we decided to try partnering with JLE 7 years ago. I have never had it come up since. If we have any concerns JLE promptly addresses them.

No CapEx,
Reduced OpEx

We are ready to help


Mail address

PO Box 981
Ridgefield WA 98642

Corporate address

600 S. 56th Place, Suite 210
Ridgefield WA 98642