A Common Problem for Managers at Distribution Centers

Automated wash system keeps breaking down

• National grocer’s distribution center with a $300,000 automated wash system broke down frequently

• Service contract requires onerous 3-to-7-day lead time for technicians to visit site

• Highly disruptive to grocer’s operations

• Garage/shop team constantly pulled away from fleet maintenance for repairs of wash equipment

• Wash program was frequently suspended, and fleet goes unwashed – driver complaints

JLE Solution

• Client invited JLE to take over wash operations and replace automated wash system

• Within 60 days, JLE replaced equipment with own wash system

• Consolidated service vendors (OEM, R&M, chemicals)

• JLE provides continuous improvements to wash program/equipment

• Uninterrupted wash service

• Immediate solutions to wash equipment or system problems

• JLE employees can provide hand wash trucks and trouble shoot in real time

• JLE employee becomes part of the onsite “Team”

• Drivers happy, fleet maintenance happy, management team happy

If this is a problem that you are facing, JLE can help with solutions.

Apply to the JLE Private Truck Wash solution and discover how JLE offers way more than just clean.

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