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complying standards

Reliably clean.
Inside and out.

Since 1981, JLE has helped Distribution Centers keep their domiciled fleet clean

we save your time
we lower your costs
we manage your wash

Focus on your
tasks, we will
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We take full care of all equipment

We purchase, manage, repair, and maintain wash equipment, chemical distribution system and pumps

We hire and train employees

We provide trained professional wash crews that know our equipment and perform at the highest level.

We organize all trailer movements

We provide our own yard spotter and are insured to perform all trailer moves through the wash bay reducing hours of service

We manage chemical inventory

It also means no more hazard communication program for chemicals, no driver safety training for chemical exposure and less time spent on SDS program
JLE sets productions standards, so trailers are washed on a consistent basis.
Trailer washing is tracked and records are available for audits by USDA Food Safety Modernization Act.
JLE typically assumes responsibility for washing tractor exteriors, trailer exteriors and interiors.
JLE also offers tractor interior detailing, engine steam cleaning, or 5th wheel steam cleaning when required.
Equipment is washed inside your wash facility in compliance with local, state, and federal environmental rules and regulations.
The food grade detergent and wash process are safe and efficient for cleaning your fleet.

JLE's service costs
less than DC
self-wash programs

Lower water use

JLE processes use less water than the typical automated wash systems

Lower sewer discharge

Less water use translates to less sewer use

Lower power use

Smaller pumps use less power

Lower consumables prices

JLE is able to pass along chemical cost savings from volume purchasing power
JLE ensures uninterrupted wash service and immediate resolutions to wash equipment and system failures.
Drivers, maintenance and management have immediate results with less downtime.
With JLE wash programs, a DC's utility bill will decrease (water, sewer & electricity savings).
By only washing in the designated wash bay, we avoid any contamination in storm drains.
JLE helps enhance your brand image when your fleet is on the road.
CDL drivers appreciate fast turnarounds and a consistently clean tractor.

We cooperate with
leading food shippers

Learn how to open a wash

Distribution Center to supply

Wash facility with functioning bay doors and facility maintenance
Heat in wash facility to protect wash equipment from freezing
Utilities, including, but not limited to: water, power, sanitary sewer, gas (where applicable)
Pumping and disposal of sludge created in the wash facility
Waste receptacles at the wash facility for disposal of waste
Unhindered access to the wash facility and reasonable security for the wash equipment
Clear and unobstructed path to and from wash facility for tractors and trailers
Steady flow of tractors and trailers for washing
Fuel for JLE's yard spotter (Approximately 30 gal./week.)
Access to break room and facilities for JLE employees